quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

hiding... still hiding...

Holiday season is always bad for me. This year it was a good bad, but still I'm hiding, trying to catch up with everything that got dropped with other wants/desires/obligations.

This is a note that my story "Altered" went up on EDF today.

And while I'm at it--Falling Up is now available at the App Store (FREE!) (for 2nd gen iPhone and _I think_ 2nd gen iPod touch -- OS 2.2 required).

And a new flash game:

Saber Duel

And if you only played Ice-9 the first time I posted it here, the graphics and gameplay are improved, I think.

Life is good. It could be better, though. Working on it. ;)
Tags: altered, app store, every day fiction, falling up, flash, flash fiction, flash game, game development, ice-9, iphone, saber duel
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