quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

this that and the other

a journal, eh? I've started these on paper before, once or twice, swapped from time to time, written things in the wrong places, and overall dropped them.

This is ... as much a journal as anything else, or I presume it will be, we shall see what it becomes (and if I return) -- we is me, I'll presume. I will not grasp for the ... oddly placed ... hope that someone reads these exhibitionist writings. God, I sound full of myself.

So. Why am I here? Preferably to make people think, hopefully to get folks interacting with the stuff I post, and partially just to see what happens (kinda what I live by).

To that end ... this journal will mainly be me freely associating from word to word to concept to rant to word (potentially related to a project I'm considering regarding free association).

Another reason this is here is (brain mangles) ... I think I'm trying to say too much all at once without any cohesion. Lacking cohesion is fine when you're not trying to say anything, but... oy.

right. we'll see what happens. Or I will, at least. probably.

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