quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

Help Vera

Turn "information" into "money" (both rather abstract concepts, right?). But the latter is needed for the hard-luck story of Vera Nazarian, who has touched a lot of people with the independent press Norilana Books. I'm pitching in some abstractness in the hopes that someone will bite and thus help a little bit. Get your likeness in a flash game for as little as $5 minimum bid. :)

Welcome to the HelpVera fundraiser and charity auction. We are trying to help Vera Nazarian, a speculative writer, publisher, and all-around wonderful person to save her house from foreclosure.

Some things to know.

1. Go here to read Vera's heartbreaking story.

2. To post an auction, you need to become a member of our community first. You can do so at the profile page.

3. Check out the instructions on profile page for posting an auction and bidding!

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