quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

Never a dull moment!

Quickfic has a great micro piece up today. And I do mean micro (though it's rather macro as well). Deist by selfavowedgeek. And if you want to keep up with that more, umm. quickfic_rrss. Forgive the extra r--my fingers twitched.

And my soul has been pre-emptively bought to the tune of a neptunians handful of poems (and if you know how many poems a neptunian can hold, well, you might be correct, but I'm just guessing).

And now I have to get out of here and navigate some twisties I've been meaning to ride for a good number of years, but never got around to. Now is apparently a good time despite my dolor because fire might be cutting off my usual route.

So! ... Shiny!
Tags: acceptance, published, quickfic, writing

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