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a little hopeful, a little disgusted

Okay, America. We voted for "change we can believe in". Hopefully that's more than a prom theme.

That's the first step. Now, what is this change we're believing in? And how are we going to make it happen? Affordable health care, first-class education, and fixing "this whole economy thing", yeah?

Hoo boy.

The disgust: California seems to have voted bigotry into the constitution. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I'm hoping that gets the old judicial smack-down from the US Supreme Court.


Nov. 6th, 2008 12:00 am (UTC)
> The graphic is striking, but would've been more believable if you hadn't given all the white presidents white hair. I mean, really.

Agreed. My only defense is I found it somewhere (unattached to creator) and had to share.

> It's true that Colorado's Amendment Two was defeated on Equal Protection grounds

Yeah, and I think that's my only basic hope. That or people will just learn to better allow each other equal rights (if not, perhaps, _basic_ rights) in time.

If California changed its civil partnerships to something along the lines of: "Civil partnerships allow all rights and benefits under marriage and can be read interchangeably with the same except for civil partnerships being between any two consenting adults." (and sure, there's loopholes in that, but at least the gist of it) ... then I might be temporarily satisfied, though the whole "separate but equal" argument has been slapped down in the past. (or maybe because the whole "separate but equal" argument has been slapped down in the past). Though admittedly that was also a broader issue, and inherently less equal.

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