quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

nano failure

What we have here... is a failure to participate. I toyed with the idea, and convinced myself (deluded myself) that there was a slight sliver of possibility that I would take up pen, and write.

Such was not really the case. I have eight books bought (used) to help me better understand feudal england, where my novel is somewhat generically set. I have major changes in mind to the landscape, but I was lost in the woods--reading about how things were is giving me many ideas for what I can do.

If I have a plot I can believe in at the end of this month, I'll count it a personal win.

That said, I _am_ planning on doing a challenge of another sort next month (and the two months following that). A game. :) This is separate from my attempts at flash games (I'm kind of disappointed with where the most recent attempt is going, to the point of (possibly?) coining a new term: programmer's remorse; still waiting for that to show up on urban dictionary. They don't tend to like my coins?).

I have lots of ideas for "my next game". But I've been doing a pretty horrid job of hitting that "fun" quotient. So ... I'm open to suggestions. What should my next game be? :) And would you want to participate in either a code, art, or music capacity? :)
Tags: game development, nanowrimo, programming, writing
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