quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

GUD has forums...

but I spent all day integrating them and have nothing to say (except some news about a halloween contest I need to get up ASAP... but I need another pair of eyes on that before I post).

If anyone felt like contributing some discussion, I'd really appreciate it. :)

GUD Magazine -- click on the new 'forums' link (replaced 'statistics', which were linked from about and submissions, anyway)

Integrating phpbb was ... interesting. It's built to integrate into other systems pretty well at this point (as of v3), where you just write a small authentication module and everything works magically... but it took some real work to get the forum inside of my GUD shell... and some of it took some handwaving. For instance, the menus that appear based on your GUD permissions... are covered up with phpbb3 logo and suchnot, because the template system is not quite so simply integrateable... it's possible, just not something I could do in a day. Anyway. Pretty proud of myself regardless. :)

This was arguably work for HB as well as we've been asked to integrate forums before and I was skeptical as to how easy it might be. This gave me a much better idea of what it would really take, and where the problem areas would be (so what to tell clients to avoid wanting ;) ).
Tags: gud magazine, handbrewed, phpbb
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