quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

today (isn't it always)

well, actually, yesterday at this point. I can't believe I'm going to sleep and it's only midnight sixeen. Umm. Anyway.

woke up this morning, (great way to start, neh?) and umm. drove into the city with donovan to show him where the place was where he bought his battery so he could replace it because it was defective. So... that accomplished, we try to start the car, and it vrooms up happily. But it stalls as we're getting out of the parking lot, in the middle of traffic, effectively in a little valley that we couldn't push it out of. Thankfully someone gave him a jump, and apparently the car's been starting fine since then.

I walked to work (just 4 blocks away and I didn't want to unduly chance the car stalling again).

I forgot my phone and distilled water. The distilled water was for my motorcycle battery so as to help it keep a charge, cuz the battery acid level is a couple inches below the "low" line.

Charged it anyway, and tinkered with stuff trying to get it to start. No luck. Maybe tomorrow will bring more thoughts. The electrical system is confusing me -- there's only three terminals where i"m expecting four.

I managed to do a fair amount of thinking and programming today, at least. And I wasn't excessively tired, either. Though that may have been the pack of sour straws and the pack of mnms for breakfast. They were giving me some serious arrythmia later, but other than an occasional stab of pain it was nice; good for coding. :)

The new poemranker made beacoup progress today. =) It might really be ready for unveiling soon. I hope people like it as much as I do.

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