quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

How does one propose a bill?

I have a dream... where politicians have to at least be very _clever_ in their lies. Where "joe sixpack" is made aware of political lies swiftly, deftly, and with a minimum of bias. I know there are groups that do this--but they don't have nearly the funding they need to actually change the political climate. Only people who _want_ to know will find them, let alone keep up with them. Politicians seem perfectly free to ignore them and lie indiscriminately.

What if there were a "politics tax"--where every dollar spent on political ads had to be matched (by some reasonable percentage, but my desire would be 1:1) by funds for a political watchdog committee--which would then buy up ads to rebut (in an independent manner) the blatant lies. ((much like how it works for tobacco companies, yes? Who else has to do this?))

What do you see as holes in this idea?
Tags: politics

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