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What are your freedoms?

Are you only free until you try to speak out?

Bicycling RNC protester crashed into by a bicyclist cop (who apparently said no-harm, no-foul--ref:2nd video), but arrested anyway (ref:1st video), then abused in jail (ref:2nd video). He's denied food for 12 hours, beat, and bagged (and when he pukes in the bag over his head they refuse to take it off?). They claim he required force to restrain.

Here's a much more detailed account:


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Are you outraged? Depressed? Skeptical of the whole scenario? Or just sure that it's not your problem?

I'd also love to hear if you've heard this already. From your friends? From blogs you read? What about from the "mainstream" media?


Sep. 11th, 2008 02:57 am (UTC)
Since I live in the southern pond from you guys, I have not heard of this story at all.

But if it is true and it did happen (and this kind of thing is following a pattern elsewhere in your country, or any country for that matter), I truly believe that the entire police force should be assessed and the system re-evaluated from top to bottom. It is sad if it's the case of some majorly misguided police officers who decided that they can be judge, jury and even executioner because of the position and power they hold. I believe maintaining law and order is a worthwhile thing and have respect for law enforcement, yet when stories such as this come out, I wonder with all the actual (major) crime and abhorrent acts occurring in this present climate, why it is necessary to put so much negative and brutal energy into those arrested for such minor (and non-violent) offences.

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