quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

covreing green bases

Just seeing if I can offload some thinking and brainstorming. ;) What sort of supplies do you go through on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? I've thought through bathroom stuffs and food stuffs, but I'm probably missing (many) somethings.

LivingECHO wants to make your life greener, and wants to do it conveniently. But it's got too many of some products (random recycled artish things, beds), too few of others (no pencils, writing paper, ...?). We need to work on that, and we need to prioritize things (a little too busy with everything else, but ... trying!)

I've got a friend working on a "greening your bathroom" focus article: towels, washcloths, toilet paper, etc.

What do you buy on a recurring basis that you'd like to buy greener?

Thanks :D
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