quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

Non-paying e-zine artist gig

From a friend:

As most of you know, I am launching The Morrigan E-zine the 31st of October. News Release Link

We are almost ready to launch the site. Part of my vision for the launch was gathering a few photographers willing to help me out. What I need is a handful of dark photos. What you will get is a smaller picture on the front and you will either have your own page/share a page with another photographer on what will become our story pages after launch. I will be happy to promote your gallery and would love to have a short bio. This will be about a month and a half's exposure time. The featured photographer will have a mini interview on his/her page and a 3 photo spread. This offer is open to graphic artists as well. We are also looking at securing some pictures to go with the stories once they are selected.

Please comment if you are interested or shoot me an email. This is not a paying gig. I wish it were. However, we plan to do as promotion as possible of the site and hope that you will also benefit from the traffic.

I figured lots of folks on my friendslist are artists of various sorts, and some of you might be in a particular mood. I was especially thinking gamethyme and zzinnia, but that's probably because I need more coffee to think of you.

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