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short fiction + poetry marathon

Of reading and considering, that is. Starting around 40 hours ago I dove into the much-suffering slushpile of GUD (which I am currently responsible for, reading for Issue 5). A month or so ago, Julia and I had worked to get it down to "manageable" quantities (under 100 items outstanding, unread), and I've been struggling to work it down past that. 40 hours ago it stood just over 240. Now it barely mewls at 53. And all 53 of those _I've read and considered_. Call them a pre-pre-shortlist.

I've got six months to fill my issue, so I've got to be pretty particular as it comes together. And I've recently accepted that, in order to maintain some semblance of _functional_ sanity, I have to be willing to err on the side of caution and perhaps lose a masterpiece or two. GUD gets such amazing quality, consistently, that I actually feel somewhat blessed that I can do such.

It does make me wish, occasionally, that we weren't a print mag at all--I wouldn't have to worry quite so much about length, then. But 10,000 words estimates out to 28 of 200 pages (considerably more than 10% of an issue, then; and we do honestly consider works up to 15,000 words. 10,000 just comes to mind because there's a story that length that I'm going to have to bash my dowsing rod against for a while). Come to think of it, there's a 13,000 word story sitting there now as well.

40 hours, poetry and fiction and the occasional report or art (and breaks for food, and a bit of this or that in terms of work, and I think two games of warcraft3) ... wiped, and I've got to get back to work now. At the least one last minute thing to tidy up, then sleep.

((note--this is all in reference to Issue 5; Julia's managing Issue 4, pruning her shortlist further and starting to work on possible "set lists"))

Oh, and I spent a few hours in there adding a few things to writersplanner.com--community page added, duplicate markets cleaned up, ... and some more statistics added. Duotrope continues to be (and will always be) more complete--but I like to think writersplanner is a little smoother to use for tracking and planning. :)

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