quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

Got a grudge? Why not ...

Got a grudge? Why not air it out at the Court of Opinion?

Court of Opinion is an online mock court, where anyone can try a case against friends, family, coworkers and friendly nemeses. Plaintiffs can decide how many judges they want to weigh in on a case before it is decided, or they may select a time limit for the trial. Cases are decided when a majority of judges vote in favor of the defendant or the plaintiff, or when time on the case runs out. Verdicts are e-mailed to both parties, along with the judges. written opinions (both majority and dissenting). What's at stake? Bragging rights, of course.

Members can also seek the wise counsel of others or become a judge on a wide variety of cases.

Our mission is one of pure entertainment; we're not affiliated with the federal or state court/legal systems in any way.

Feel free to "sue" me ;) Or tell me what you really think of me ;) :)
Tags: court of opinion

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