quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

on cloning...

lealia86 wrote:

> I believe that cloning entire human beings (not
> just organs & etc...) is immoral. I see it
> as "playing God" because, though we wouldn't be
> creating life, we'd be making it exist
> unnaturally.

I replied:

I'm curious where you'd draw the line. I presume natural is for a living male to fertilize a living female through sexual intercourse... and then bring it to term without any doctor/midwife intervention... natural is nobody acting on anything more than instinct for how to nurture/birth/rear the child?

Is it unnatural to put a child on life support after it is separated umbilically? Once it's out, it's okay to help life along? Or even then, is all intervention beyond nature wrong?

Is it unnatural to do a cesarian to save mother or child?

Is it unnatural for a woman to conceive through artificial insemination, say, at a sperm bank?


I'm sorry; this is probably more inflammatory than I mean it. But I really don't understand your viewpoint.

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