quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

I don't want to over-GUD you, but hey: CONTEST! :)

This will probably be one of two posts I make promoting GUD Issue 3. The second will announce that it's actually available for order (though you can, of course, buy a subscription starting with issue 2 right now). This is announcing the Issue 3 Pre-launch Buzz Contest. First 10 entries get a PDF of Issue 3 before it's available for sale. But the contest goes for a week, and presuming we get the minimum 100 entries we're shooting for, one winner will get a full set of GUD, hardcopy (that means issues 0-3)! How cool is that? ;)

contest details, the gorgeous cover, and a table of contents overlaying teasers for the art =)

And of course, in your GUD account right now is a freebie from Issue 3. Don't have an account? It'll be waiting for you as soon as you create one. ;)

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