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I suppose this is the place to blather as necessary. My life (time?) is so utterly hither fucking thither right now. I just finished up a week from hell and fully expect another three or four to follow. If I can ride the wave I might be able to enjoy it, and if I can't that's going to be one hell of a lot of swallowed saltwater (chlorine? sewage?)

moving. Moving is almost finally over. I still have to organize my mess in this new place (yes it started more than a month ago, I haven't had enough time to spread around)... but Rafael (my previous roommate) and I (mostly rafael) cleared out and cleaned up my old place. That left me with next to no sleep for a couple of days (the last few, I'm a wee bit delirious at the moment and feeling harried with... everything, still). Met with landlord this morning and it looks like (unless he's lying through his teeth) I'm getting all of my deposit back. That would so rock! So I can put moving behind me. Except I still need to cancel gas/electric and phone and sewage. which I guess I have to wait for monday to do? Monday is going to be one hell of a day.

imaginaries -- imaginaries has been sorely neglected. I'm fighting against and with two monolithic giants who won't answer me direct -- N$ (network solutions, evil) and Joker (not so evil). N$ is holding on to the domain imaginaries.org though it's expired AND I've canceled it AND tried to move it AND I've gotten confirmation from them that it's been canceled. It expired Jan. 24 and was canceled feb 26, and still no sign of me being able to rebuy the domain. I want to put it on joker where I can actually control it in a simple manner. but for the time being, 99% of the people who try to get to imaginaries... can't. imaginaries is effectively on indefinite hiatus. which is not cool in that it's a large, active group several years old. and this is really hurting it.

nfg -- nfg is going strong. it tends to get most of the spare time (spare == not fulfilling work obligations) that I have because... I have the strongest obligation to it. And I want to see it succeed -- I want it to be an amazing magazine. and the only way that's going to happen is if I continue to design the infrastructure. which involves pulling teeth from everyone involved to figure out how it's going to work. of course, none of us know what we're doing, but... I get the onerous task of figuring it out anyway.

poemranker -- poemranker's been hit somewhat like imaginaries, only I feel less bad about it. It's my own project, less people were into it. I'm not bringing it back until the phoenix is good and pretty. But I was hoping to have it rewritten and up and happy within a week and now it's been a month and I haven't been finding time for it. I... work on it in the back of my mind, and I hope that's helpful. And I keep looking for the stretch of time to pound it out.

globealive -- globealive is a company I've been doing contract work for, just dribs and drabs here and there. I haven't been getting back in touch with them lately because I haven't had the time, but they just dropped some very tasty bait in front of me that I need to seriously consider. And I need to get back in touch with them. I'll do that now. [writes letter to ceo -- and before that, they're begging me for a minor fix so I suppose I can do that; 45 seconds to do the fix, no charge (fourth time I've done the same patch, they keep losing it); about 9 minutes to write up the email getting back in touch with them. and in the middle of that amy reminded me to write up the rent check and we looked up how much to write it for] so that's that for the immediate moment.

motorcycle -- I got the motorcycle back after it was stolen, but not running. I've taken apart various parts to figure out why a jumpstart wouldn't work, and it looks like: dead battery, almost totally dry, won't hold a charge PLUS the kill switch is just about dead. so I'm going to buy a new battery (have to go to a bike shop to do that, unfortunately) and then rig up a new kill switch and put it back together. as soon as I get my license...

which I could have done feb 20th if I'd had the right form... on the 23rd I called the dmv and found that out and called the insurance company to get the form sent to me. it arrived... yesterday? feb 28th. but I haven't had time to go to the dmv to get my license reinstated. but as soon as I get my license reinstated...

clay's the guy who rebuilt my bike after my accident. he has a friend who just got in touch with me about some sppare motorcycle parts he'd be interested in selling off (basically he got two xs1100s (my model of bike) and use one to put the other together, and now he's got leftovers from the one)). he's only available on saturdays and I made plans to meet up with him tomorrow but that's going to fall through because I don't have my license or my bike running enough to go down to his place. and I need to call him tomorrow morning to tell him and to try to reschedule.

work. work work work. work is good. good. work is good. I'm fighting for the funding to keep my project going as opposed to having the team fall apart and get assigned to other projects. or I'm struggling to invent the ammo (as well as trying to guesstimate the target based on other folks visions) so our boss can go defend the project... and of course he's torn because he's boss of all the projects. and stuff. that's all I'm going to get into there. oh, but there's more. I'm also on the "architecture review committee", which is cool but I've utterly been slacking on -- reading architecture/design specs/proposals and making intelligent and informed commentary. nope, not done any of that. I've been sitting in on the meetings dumb and mute.

on top of all that, I've been sleeping too much the last week or two or maybe three or more. I'm not sure. I'm fairly certain a chunk of that was fighting off sickness. but. I was sleeping late, not getting anythign done, sitting fuzzily in front of the computer without direction, even with all of the above to worry about. overload. overload. overload. sleep. and I've been worrying about my weight and eating and fitness and stuff, but not constructively. that's all I need to say about that. :)

and with all that going on, I haven't been spending proper time with Amy to keep our relationship as healthy as it should be. I've been getting better and I suspect I'm learning/remembering how to balance that better without falling behind on anything else. but it's definitely a worry/factor in every (or near every) decision about what to do.

no offense to those involved, but I'm going to cut short the last bits because they don't really involve decisions or variables -- they're closer to facts to work with/around. they're where some time goes, but... yeah. mack will hopefully be coming to visit soon. and he's prompting a project where I'd implement an interactive fiction game that he's going to write the plot, characters, and puzzles for. that should be fun. Cathy was going to come out and may still, but it's seeming unlikely it will be any time soon. Amy and I are going to sequoia next weekend to get a much-needed break from it all.

I went to see a play tonight. a friend's sister was one of the main characters (it was a 4 person, 6 character play, give or take). it was interesting. I feel that I learned a bit from it, part in what it said, part in how it worked, and part in how it didn't work/failed to work. but I'm glad I went, and I definitely enjoyed it.

and for a moment (a few minutes before I went back and edited this) I forgot about the eeg project that's being tossed around and somewhat researched by folks and I.

and I'm trying to go back into my nature biotech mags and read and learn the editorials, writing down what I don't understand.

and I really need to take the gre and see about getting into a grad school next year.

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