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Me! Me! Meme!

* What was the last story you read?

It's hard to keep track (and we're not counting slush, of course, right?) I read through "Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears" last week. I know I'm in the middle of a number of things. I think the last story I read was one of my own, trying to figure out what I should send out for rejection (er, I mean, send out as a submission). The last short story I read... the last story in "Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears"--"The Printer's Daughter" by Delia Sherman. Highly recommended. :) I really ought to have read the new Firebox Fiction over at Night Train but haven't gotten there yet...

* What was the last poem you read?

I was skimming MySpace bulletins and there was one guy posting some interesting stream-of-consciousness stuff that might count as poetry. Besides that, probably something on poemranker. The last _published_ piece of poetry I read was something by Neil Gaiman ("The White Road" in "Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears").

* What was the last comic you read?

I read twenty+ comics daily-ish. ((some are TTh, some MWF, some just M, some just F, etc...)) I think the last one I read was The Road to God Knows, as the reminder for that went out late (for some reason I haven't added it to my "all comics" bookmarks folder--but he sends out a reminder every Monday so I know I won't forget). That reminds me I also have Murky Depths on my pile to read--lots of comics in there, and I'm looking forward to them. :)

* What was the last movie you watched?

I just watched the first three Indiana Jones movies (my wife had apparently never seen them). They were both better and worse than I remembered. Temple of Doom seriously annoyed me--and I remember The Last Crusade being really annoying, but I enjoyed it this time around (maybe in comparison to Temple of Doom). Amusing thing is we borrowed them on VHS--strange experience.

* What song are you listening to now? Say something about it--what it means to you, who introduced you to it, something like that.

I'm listening to a "genetically refined" radio station via Pandora radio--started it out with some Acid Bath and have trained it with my preferences from there. Right now, "Land of Blood" by Death Angel just started... I don't know anything about them, but odds are I'll like the song. :)

* What's your guilty-reading pleasure?

My daily comics :)

* Say something about the last poem you wrote!

Wuf. I haven't really written poetry in ages, but I've been trying to breathe a little life into poemranker of late--the last poem I wrote was a haiku entitled "Modern Stupidity". If you really want to know, you can find it from that. ;)

* Say something about a story you're writing now!

I haven't really written any fiction in ages, either. The biggest thing I'm "in the middle of" is DFN (stands for Dark Fantasy Novel). I haven't touched it in half a year, maybe a year--I wrote a few chapters then scrapped it, and have been tryign to refine the outline so I'm sure I've got something that I can write to (I don't usually do outlines, but I figure I might as well try as nothing else has worked to get me to finish a novel yet).

* If you were a fictional character, who would be writing you?

At a guess, I'd say Vonnegut.

* Last story you recommended to someone?

See above ;)

* And a link to your favorite magazine, because they probably need your help. ;)

Ooh! Ooh! http://www.gudmagazine.com/

* Lastly, link to a friend's copy of this quiz!

buffysquirrel :)



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May. 27th, 2008 09:40 pm (UTC)
If Death Angel is the same Death Angel I'm familiar with, their Act III album from the early 90s is fan-friggin-tastic. They've always been one of my favorites from that genre. I didn't know they had come out with any new stuff, but apparently they have.
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