quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

state of the small press

How is your small press doing?

Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest seems to be becoming the NPR or PBS of science fiction--they're doing another subscription drive (and if I can scrape the funds together I'll be pitching in to help). ((Well, no... Strange Horizons wins at the NPR of science fiction, I think--their business model is our annual donations--and they seem to do well enough with that!))

And Opium Magazine is also trying to undo some accidentally creative math and figure out its long term survival.

GUD is still an infant, and as such blatantly in the red--but I don't feel that we quite have the emotional capital built up to go begging, yet (and how sad of a statement is it that I'm looking forward to the day that we have that sort of emotional capital? though I do hope that by the time we've got it, we don't need it in that way)).

I'm thinking I'll do a blogpost over at GUD about all this, but I'd like to make it more personal than the usual "the sky is falling, short genre fiction markets are dying, etc, etc". I'd like to make it more of a call to action for those who seem to need it most at the moment. (and of course, maybe get GUD a little reciprocal or "splash" notice from all that, too, right? maybe? :) )

Hell, my knowledge of this last one is completely tangential and it's not really a short fiction thing at all, but I figure it should be mentioned in the same breath... the Whatcom Independent is struggling in a bad way. You probably have never heard of it (I hadn't) as it's a very localized print thing that has nothing to do with my area of the world, but that's the benefit and curse of the internet age. :)

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