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JK Rowling's "Grey Havens" forthcoming in GUD Magazine

GUD's managed to scoop a short interview of Ms. Rowling regarding her upcoming short fiction publication--according to Wikipedia, her first!

* Where did "Greyer Havens" come from; what were you thinking?

I wanted to write something sinister, something to help me escape from the view that my writing should always provide somewhere safe for children to escape to, some sort of Never-never land where they can't age. I have children myself, and, let me tell you, they do age.

When you're writing children's books, you need to be a ruthless killer. Look at CS Lewis. Did he have Aslan escape from the Stone Table: "with just one bound he was free"? No. The girls get to watch the lion being trussed up, shaved, and executed. Are we going to say children aren't as tough now as they were in Lewis's day?

Read more at GUD's Blog!
Tags: april fools, greyer havens, gud magazine, harry potter, jk rowling

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