quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

Writer's Block: Work It

How do you make a living?
Primarily web development ( http://www.handbrewed.com/ ).  I also freelance on cover design and teach part time at a community college (the former basically pays for "materials" -- istockphoto and/or models at daz3d.com, and the latter pays enough to be a nice hobby.

As far as teaching, I got my first ratings at ratemyprofessor.com last semester (just looked them up).  I'm hard and I give a lot of work.  There's worse things to be.

I should make icons for "work" and "teaching".

Oh, and speaking of hobbies, I spend a hobby amount of money on Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine. :)

subscribe to GUD Magazine? :)

Just figured I'd see how these LiveJournal "writer's block" topics worked.  Have you done one before?
Tags: work it, writer's block

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