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Christmas brought (SPAM)

From sue:

Christmas eve brought several last-minute presents in the mail, not the least of which was the proofs for Issue 2. I paused in my holiday gift-wrapping frenzy and ripped it open to find what looked like an unbound magazine—everything just as it should be!

I flipped through it carefully, checking line breaks and kerning, and let my eyes take it all in. It always looks different when it's printed out, when someone's taken the trouble to finalize things. Up until this point, all of our proofing has been done electronically. Well, okay, a couple of problem children saw ink but mostly it's been smooth sailing and this is the first time I've seen most of Issue 2 on paper. And how sweet it looks! I can find no fault with it, so I'm signing off on it, and sending the okay to print. It won't be long now until we're shipping these beauties out!

GUD Issue 2 Proofs (inside)We'd like to give you the chance to win the proof for Issue 2. I'll even sign it for you.  To help us sail through the last week or two of waiting--anyone ordering a subscription that starts with Issue 2 BEFORE they arrive on our doorstep will be eligible to win!   So you've got a week or two.  But why not renew your subscription today?

And if you want to see what's inside, check out our table of contents and teasers for Issue 2.


Lastly, don't forget that EVERY issue is "in print".  And you can get our subscription discounts starting with any issue.  If you've just found us with Issue 2, why not go back and get some quick subscription savings on Issues 0 and 1?

Tags: gud, gud magazine, issue 2, magazine subscriptions

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