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a long night for such a short time spent

from stunned to stunned in the span of about 5 hours. Umm. This is a slightly different one, totally void of energy. Difficult to write this but I want to remember it. No clue what I'm going to say.

Ah. Play music. That'll help. A little bit of energy to pound into my skull.

Hit the art show/party thing. There was some good stuff there. One piece (two?) had me wrangling with thoughts -- would it be rude to ask if they were for sale? Where would I put it? Do I want to spend money on art? La la la? In the end, apathy won there. It was easier just to stare at the pieces I liked, and leave well enough alone otherwise.

Met some interesting folks, watched some very pretty dancing, participated a bit in the dancing but felt clumsy and out of place. And clumsy. Walked the railroad tracks to get to the party which brought back memories from childhood, so early that they're probably not firsthand but remembered through being told they happened, reverse engineering the pathways. Seem real enough, intense enough. La la la.

Thoughts were bouncing all over. I really did feel out of place -- people seemed... serious. Well, mostly. :)

Made me want to dash home and create, but then I'd miss the party. Hopefully the ideas will stick with and I can play with them later. Hung out with Theorna a bit, checked out another party that was just ending, amusingly enough spent a fair amount of time talking with her on my cellphone because I noticed in the middle of the party that I'd missed a call, so I went outside while she was upstairs. It was a good conversation.

Feeling tired (later realizing it's probably because I've only had one small meal today), I decided to head home. Walked down the stretch of park that Theorna told me existed (thank you!) and that was beautiful and romantic and such. Entertained stray ideas of trying to walk over the bay bridge, daydreamed it for a significant portion of the walk, and was stopped at the edge of the park by a bright light in my eyes -- a police car's spotlight. "This area is closed," blares their speaker thingamy.

I nod my head and keep walking. I'm going to ask him which area is closed, because the scenario is a bit confusing. I figure I'm walking *out* of the park, so he's probably saying the area I'm in is closed and I'm supposed to leave past him, but that's not really clear. He pulls out of my path. I veer towards his removed location, still intent on asking him which area was closed.

"Do not approach the vehicle," he blares. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. That fucks with my head. Say what? Whatever. So I shout to him, "Which way's out?" He says, "That way", and kinda motions, which is hard to see because the spotlight's still pointed at me. But I figure it out. It's what I figured in any case. I continue walking, and after I'm down about a block he follows me and passes me. And stops. Not wanting more interaction with him, I hop the railroad tracks, and wander down the freeway towards home.

So now I'm tired and umm. tired, I guess.

La la la. It was a good night.

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