quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

gerald reborn!

my bike was stolen last week (and found on saturday!) and I just managed my way through red tape and such this morning... got it towed back to work (put it in the garage this time).

It seems that the thief put on new mirrors, new shocks!, and painted a bunch of the aluminum/chrome black. It's purty. They thankfully didn't touch the flames or the bunny on the tank.

They also punched the ignition, which is kind of odd to look down into.

They were caught while riding it, so I know the bike works... but I couldn't get it started (not even with a jump, just no connection) so either I'm not understanding how the ignition works (had a screwdriver, seemed to make sense...) or something else got jarred loose while towed. I'm pretty sure the battery's dead as the ignition (guessing, seems right?) was left on... and the kill switch has been tricky lately, so I'm going to try and hack into that tomorrow night.

just another two weeks, give or take, and I get my license unsuspended (need to figure that out).

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