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Whee. I spent the weekend (among other things) moving my computer. I bought some industrial shelves and now it's stacked on them and stuff is so much more functional. It's a good things. :)

I'm really dazed right now. So much going on. Good things to potentially good things, nothing bad hitting the fan at the moment. The only smell is incense (and the burning of my mind ... eep) Does burnt brain smell like burnt hair and epidermis? I hope not.

SO much so much so much. Right. Time to track down the sheet of paper that has the details on this party that's somewhere around here that someone I've not met invited me to. La la la. I like art. Supposedly there will be art there. Supposedly I will be there. I'm not there yet. Did I mention my mind is overloading?

Umm. Yeah. Projects are bubbling and boiling and I picked up one that looks like dry ice and I'm trying to decide whether or not to put it back down or to find some water to dump it in, whether I have the energy it needs to boil it away to nothing in a week. La la la la la la. It would make me feel better *if* (and only if) I could pull it off. If I couldn't pull it off, I would feel very stupid. (for taking it on like that) La la la.

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