quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

my greatest weakness is the hope I can put things off for just a little longer.


My motorcycle wasn't there when I left work today. To put this in perspective... my license has been suspended for several months (due to MORE stupidity on my part, give or take -- and I'm taking it all right now, trying to surf this wave of self-directed rage); My motorcycle's headlamp fell off on the way to work and it hasn't been legal for me to drive it, so... it survived several months like that, no warnings, no notes, no questions. I get my license back in about fifteen days, give or take (and here I'm just not sure... I need to look into it more)

I'm guessing it was towed and not stolen though I'm almost hoping it was stolen -- $2500 bike, give or take (I'm saying that a lot but everything seems vague right now, I guess). Probably a couple hundred in tow and storage fees by the time iI can track it down. Tomorrow I have to stay home for installation... sometime between noon and four.

I feel... so... overextended. The emotion is draining away and now I'm just tired. My job insures that moneys of these amounts won't land me in the street. My future just looms further and further in the distance.

And I still haven't called reptilianlace back, gotten in touch with dissolvedego... I haven't dealt with a lot of tings. NFG is in a sorry state right now and I know I haven't spent as much quality time with Amy as she deserves. I haven't gotten much done at work despite sleeping there the last two days. The apartment is still a mess; Ihaven't done anything close to my share of cleaning/unpacking. My cats need collars (and I still need to retrieve one of them from my last place). And I'm sure there's stuff I'm forgetting.

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