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My review for Temple: Incarnations, by Steven Savile, has gone up on Tangent short fiction review. If you can spare a moment, I'd love a comment over there on what you thought of the review...

Temple: Incarnations is four snapshots of a wanderer, Temple, "incarnated" in a post-apocalyptic world (originally serialized in Apex Digest issues five through eight). We begin in media res, melodramatically surveying details of a not-quite-ruined city. The pockmarked and broken earth has been inherited by the violent and the ignorant; cities are derelict, and people are, at best, scavengers. And you have to wonder how some of those scavengers could possibly have survived. It is not an unfamiliar scene, though Steven Savile does manage to dream up some particularly detailed horrors.

Want to read more?

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Tags: reviewing, steven savile, tangent online, temple: incarnations

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