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creative commons

is cool stuff. yes. So. Strange Horizons, being hoopy froods, are ... pushing to make it more visible, ish. Or are just experimenting with it, however you want to look at it. Anyway, they sent an email out to their contributors list asking if anyone would be interested in having their works posted under one of the creative commons licenses.

I went all out (nearly--I didn't go "public domain") with Pockmarked Cement. Attribution required, but you can make derivative works, commercially or non-commercially...

I expect nobody will make use of this with my story, but you never know. And I think it's cool that SH is making the Creative Commons visible to more people, especially those of the creative sort (that might not be so hep with things coming from the programming world).
Tags: creative commons, fiction, pockmarked cement, strange horizons

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