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Lend me your blogs?

Is there any way I could twist your arm to post one promotional message for GUD's Issue 1 launch?

I'd be happy to send you a sample PDF, any one piece, but I'm happy to do that for anyone that asks, really. Just ask! :)

This is basically what I have in mind, which is just what I posted earlier ... today, yesterday? And a tad bit extra, to give the mag more of an intro. And an extra banner, because I just made pretty banners. :) ((if you see the same old banners, do a shift-reload or clear your cache...))

Okay, here's what the above renders to:

GUD (pronounced “good”) is Greatest Uncommon Denominator, a print/pdf magazine with 200 pages of literary and genre fiction, poetry, and art. We feature fiction that ranges from 75 to 15,000 words.

Issue 1 comes to life with Darby Larson's "Electroencephalography" where an experiment in robot-building goes terribly awry. And if you've ever woken up with an unexpected physical deformity-say, an arrow in your heart-you'll truly enjoy the next story. There's also a smattering of flash fiction and psychedelia; a straight-out story where things aren't what they seem, poetry that takes you from the perverse to the sublime, some magic realism, science fiction, and a few letters to another species thrown in for good measure. We haven't forgotten those of you with a literary bent. In addition, the artwork in this issue is particularly strong, with oil paintings, watercolors, photography, and photo illustrations complementing the words with which they are paired.

Please let us know what you think of Issue 1, and thanks for reading GUD.

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