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review + contest - Gun Shy by Ben Rehder

Win a copy of GUN SHY! Just tell us why.

Did you read our review of Gun Shy? Want to read the book too? Tell us what you liked, and maybe you'll win our copy! Only lightly read, it's too good not to share.

Ben Rehder's Gun Shy is a fun romp for the Ritalin-choking child in all of us, dancing around the topic of guns and gun control. It's the fifth novel in his Blanco County mystery series; and while I haven't read the previous books, so far as I could tell there's little or no thread weaving them together besides location and, perhaps, game warden John Marlin; so it's easy enough to pick up here and not worry about the others.

This contest will run through Saturday, May 12, Pacific time--so maybe you can make your winning entry a Mother's Day present. :) Only open to US addresses due to the cost of shipping. Just leave your entry as a comment on the review.

Winner will be selected by GUD staff. Make us believe you should be the one--no bribes or threats, please.

This is something we're planning to do with all the tangibles we review. So stay tuned!

Tags: contest, gud magazine, gun shy, review

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