quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

moving went but still is going...

moving went smoothly. my parents got along well with amy's mom which was... unexpected. nothing horrible happened. Probably one of the easiest moves I've been a part of. Largely because I'm paying month in two places for one month as a buffer zone for forgotten stuff (and such). And that's kinda why it's not over with (although also we just haven't unpacked nearly enough stuff, and we don't have my DSL connection yet ;)

la la la.

today Donovan gave me a ride to work. Over the bridge the bug started making weird noises (suspension?). When I got out, the back seat burst into flames. Donovan managed to pull out the back seat, and the flames went out of their own accord. Luckily (luckily? I think so... my basic physics says most likely) the fire (from the battery arcing from the seat's springs) melted the battery wide open on the top, so no dangerous pressures were accumulated such as to make the battery explode. Unluckily I breathed some of those fumes, and my throat is really hurting. It was a little sore this morning (fighting sickness?) but this feels different. Bleah. Yeuchh.

The bug seems fine, otherwise.

And work... is work. Oh man. :yeemp:

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