quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

so why am I awake this time?

random thought: I need to call theorna as soon as life settles down (I'm done moving?) and I have some space to breathe. Promised Kender I'd call him back on Sunday. I've been avoiding the phone.

never enough time.

so what did I do tonight?

The art director of one of my projects happens to be VP of marketing of a company that needed asp expertise ASAP (or sooner, YIFP [yesterday if possible])... of course, I don't have any asp expertise, but... it's a language, right? code monkeys can do it, I should be able to. So I offer to spend an hour looking at it.

later that night, I find myself connected to a win2k box running Terminal Services (like VNC only oh so much cooler... more like Xwindows -- it's sending commands instead of bitmaps), hunting down a SQL server database so I can see what the fuck tables it has and why the site is so assmunched. Of course, the problem was simpler than it could have been, but it took one hell of a lot of context before my nose stomped on it.

So that's why I'm still up. And I need to be up in a couple hours to move and I'm still mostly not packed.

Good night, all! =)

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