quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

from work to more work (ish)

I am, sorta, for the first time in my life, sorta, managing a group of coders, sorta.

So I worked my ass of on CoRE and got it to the point where... my office (1 designer, 1 html/jsper and 1 jsp/javaer) [plus me] could work on it to make a product. A lot of coding, a lot of sleeping every other night... a lot of pissing Amy off being a grumpus.

This was after spending three months defining the product that we were going to build. And now... I'm back to designing the product. We really have very little clue what the final product *should* look like, so I'm learning all I can about the target market and extrapolating from way too many years in digital collaborative spaces (about 11 years at this point). And I'm revising the design as we go, the user interface in how what links to what, what actions are available, stuff like that (not look and feel, that's our graphic design wonder), and figuring out tasks out of the overall picture I can get our jsper/javaer going at while I figure out more design.

It's really a nice position to be in.


I wish I were more competent.

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