quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

I've been accused...

I've been accused of knowing what I'm doing. That's so odd -- typically that's the last thing anyone would ever accuse me of doing. I'm in an odd state of mind right now. Of course that's partially due to some Dr. Pepper, a bag and a bit of jelly bellies, some sour worms, some dark chocolate, several bowls of salad, some irish breakfast tea, and the fact that it's 4:41 in the morning and I've been working on a search engine for CoRE, the "collaboration engine" I've been working on "in my spare time".

Monday I get to go in to work and get a preliminary feel for how much heat I'm in for blatantly disobeying orders on a major project. :whee: On Wednesday the shit will actually hit the fan. Oh man. If I can pull it off, it will be good. If I can't... it won't be good. And I suppose that's why I'm up at 4:43 on a sunday morning working my ass off (or taking procrastination breaks). I hate string manipulation -- it should all just do what I want it to. Nyeah.

Oh, so the spark of this feeling weird... well, it's pretty well documented right here: Am I evil? -- cool, huh? :heh: :whee:

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