quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

getting stuff done

Wrote up four todo lists last night.

Went in to work today; faxed some important papers to germany for imaginaries. Merged the todo lists into one text file. Did a lot of little things for NFG, two tiny things for imaginaries, got people at work set up on CoRE with cvs and perforce for our project.

Read and voted on some stories/poems at nfg. Yearned to write. We're getting some damned good submissions from people who have been published in good magazines! I guess we're paying enough for at least their castoffs, and stuff that can't go anywhere else. Go us! =)

So what am I doing now? Trying to get myself to look at my todo list and get serious about it again. Amy's going to be wanting me home soonish to eat. I should probably contact her about that and arrange something. Her aunt sent her a recipe for microwavable vegetarian lasagna -- supposedly very good. I'm eager to try it. Ben made habanero salsa at work which I made a quesadilla salad out of. It was mild but for three chunks of habanero that I ran into -- one of which seriously swoll my tongue for about five minutes.

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