quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

the high fades a little

and yet I'm still here. this may be good. I... went to sleep and woke up not quite as energyfull, but more ordered of mind. No longer running the ragged rusty razor of sleepless delirium.

And in the night (it was a long night, delineated by, effectively, passing out during a product meeting at work, and waking up some many hours later...) many replies to my many replies were made. And I wasn't... quite... in the mood to reply to them. though I wanted to, some.

I dotted comments all around, and on the second or third I started getting into the swing of things again. Things will stabilize, and it looks like they may stabilize with me continuing to use this service. It decidedly rocks.

But now I should work on some projects besides people and my life. :)

Taxes... ugh.... ew......

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