quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

amy does not own me

she's trying to put a point. "Don't put that, all your friends will think I'm a bitch, take it off!" She's so cute! I love her bunches. She wants to own me. La la la. Well, not really really, but it's silly.

I doubt I'm explaining things well. That's okay.

We're moving in together. If things go well, we've got a place up in the oakland hills with a great view (of the freeway and surrounding hills) with lots of light, lots of room, and apparently amazingly soundproofed walls. We'll be on the second story of an complex... with the landlord below us. But supposedly a piano/violin being played doesn't travel through.

And my cats get to have a way in and out of the house that's not human! We may be able to sleep past 3am! =)

In other news... yeah. I'm working on a couple dozen projects, behind on all of them, completely scrapped for time, and Amy's going stir crazy because she's not in school and not at home (in LA). poor critter.

I should be working instead of writing this but I figured having large gaps of time that made me guess what happened would be annoying later on.

best wishes and all them things =)

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