quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

dream - russia attacks?

This was a really long dream after two days awake but I only have some small snippets of it, I think. Maybe some of this could be blamed on _Red Alert 2_.

Russia was about to launch an attack on the US. The US hardly had any foreknowledge and was just able to plant a few moles (guessing after the fact there was more than just me). I was selected as a special agent (at age 13 or so), given a lot of US money and russian money Several 200 dollar bills and some 50 ruple bills (I don't think I've seen russian money... I knew it was ruples, but it wound up looking something like dutch paper money).

One day on my way to class they came; they marched us into the building (not checking for weapons or anything like that) and we were put into classrooms. Somehow (dream, right) once we were inside our school building we were actually mystically transported to another school building, one I presumed was in russia (the weather there was exactly the same as I'd left, though, to a degree). [damn, just totally lost track of this dream]

Another idiosyncrisy is all the russians speak unaccented english. we're told to be quiet and sit in rows in the room I'm in. I filter up towards the front, ready to make a break for it if need be. Meanwhile, Tobin (hi Tobin) is a couple of seats over and very confused. I'm not doing a very good job of acting surprised or anything like that (it doesn't quite occur to me that I should be... or... there's a split of consciousnesses and when I realize that, that's a more adult thought, and I dissociate from the dream a little bit; then I forget about it and fade back in to the vivid world).

Somebody in the back starts asking for a hundred dollar bill... they need change for something (and here, it's odd... I realized a little bit that I was in the dream... and that it wasn't scripted for me to be able to find out what they needed the change for... I really wanted to ask but didn't want to wake up). So I'm sifting through my bills (and only then do I realize how much money they gave me... About $800 american, and a fair amount russian. Not sure how much) -- but I don't have any hundreds. Tobin is goggling at the money this fellow schoolchild pulled out of his pocket, and I spend a long while debating in my head what to do while stupidly holding all of the money out.

I'm trying to decide whether I should admit that I have a $200 bill or not. [and it's just at this point in typing stuff up that I realize $200 bills don't exist... probably a dream blend from the $2 bill] Finally I am the rest of my money away and admit that I have a $200 if they have enough $50s... but they only have two $50s.

At that point, we're dismissed (without guard or anything -- it's a really strange takeover...) and I"m walking for home (not sure where it is, following a couple other people who don't know where it is either). Walk through a spray of woodchipper falling out of the sky (that's quite intersting), heading towards a belltower (that stops before I can make out a landmark that it was coming from).

Then I wake up.

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