quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

Out of curiosity--has curiosity got you?

(posted on myspace, figured it wouldn't hurt too much to spam my friends once again...)

What's the main reason you haven't pre-ordered a copy of Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine yet?

a) Who are you? [[see our profile!]]
b) What's GUD? [[see our profile!]]
c) I'm not a person [[fair enough]]
d) 10% off of $10 is still more than I've got, but I'm looking forward to the $3.50 PDF!
e) I'm waiting for my next paycheck [[we can't ask for more!]]
f) Aren't you going to be in stores? [[see our profile]]
g) I don't trust you yet. Give it time. [[fair enough. just don't miss the 10% off!]]
h) I don't read. [[hmm, our targeted friend acquisition must have failed. but wait, you know somebody that reads, right!?]]
i) I... i... i... [[fill in the blank?]]

Thanks =)

-kaolin fire
-chief instigator, issue 0

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