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can't quite grasp them. Main one was a recurring, or I've had it once before at least. Hrm. Actually, there was one before it. Or maybe they go together. The second (half?) I've preluded before in a different manner, I think. I think I think.

Amy and I went to the movies to see something and "all the good seating was taken". We wandered around a little bit looking for seating (which rose up like a borg colony, endless... and 99.99% bad). Wandering out a side door I saw two employees helping their friends and or family to better seats for the movie (which were off limits for some reason).

We ran to follow them -- we couldn't run very fast and stayed half a floor behind them for 9 flights of movie floors, retriggering temporary alarms behind them over and over again. When we finally got to the top floor, they were in the process of being turned back by a stern old white dude (guard-type-person). They were all black. There was a feeling of racism between the old white dude and them.

They dispersed with the guard except for one of the employees who finally saw us approaching. She told us to hush and to go back downstairs, but there were games on that level that I wanted to play. She caved in and let me play one of those claw games once (on her money for some reason... so the first set of things I won was for her).

I plunked the claw down trying to get something and instead of clamping on one or two things, it really opened wide and everything it touched got sucked down the bottom of the machine into the "win" compartment... which luckily enough housed a white garbage bag. Which was then a quarter full and I handed to the plump employee and plunked a quarter of my own in. Then with my own garbage bag in hand, Amy and I ran down to see the movie...


Amy's not in this one or if she is she's embodied in a rather strange character -- rather like ... :geh: can't remember her name or the web site... dark brooding babe from an online comic called FANS about a science fiction and fantasy club.


the second movie in feeling somehow reminds me of _The Skulls_ -- maybe for the dreary underground dungeon they have for ceremonies. Anyway, it opens up with us (Amy? and I and a few other folks) swimming around in an illicit watering hole. [This part is now really hazy] We play practical jokes on any tube/raft/boat that comes by until one of them decides she's as cool as us and dives in with us and wants to join in the fun.

Some of us go "upstairs" to deal with that; upstairs is a candy factory, and that's how it ties into the first dream a little bit -- probably just my dream mind being a little lazy but the store is run by the mother of the female employee from the movie theater; and the employee and all her mother's kids and all her kids and all the folks she was trying to help sneak in are there. [hmm. these folks actually remind me of some of my neighbors, now that I come to think on in... which mixes in with a halloween feel the dream has, somewhat]

All the kids have balloons tied around them and between their legs and such. The mother is about to go fetch another kid and upgrade/trade around handmedowns all of their balloons. The cool person wants to know what building we're in and opens the door.

Outside is a group of folks that we've traditionally had to stay hidden from (an older gang, of sorts), and it turns out that she's the sister of their head guy, or something like that. In any case she gets his attention which gets the gang's attention which gets us all running downstairs and jumping into the water (for safety??).

Down there I see that most of my friends have been arrested (or something) by a sheriff (deputy?) who drove his SUV down the river. It keeps bobbing under the water, flipping around, and coming back up like some indestructible toy. I keep pestering him as to how the fuck it's floating like that, which he won't answer.

That's about when I wake up.

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