quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

another dream

last night I dreamed i was a Bill Murray-like disciple of Bob the Angry Flower. Oy fucking vey. I came across Stephen Notley in an abandoned warehouse (in a place resembling downtown Port Arthur, Texas though cleaner and with more political clout... there were senators and such in the city hall) He tried to shake me away but I was too doggedly stupid. I wound up capturing a Bob the Angry Flower suit which was some combination of spacesuit and jetpack.... I flew around in it a little testing temperatures at different elevations until I realized it was meant as a spacesuit. Notley drew a cartoon and uploaded it on a secret part of his webpage that was totally unprotected. I hunted down a senator and called him a "Gore" because I couldn't think of any other title. I'm not sure how he took it (though I vaguely remember remembering him beating me up quite severely).

Then it sorta blended in to me going in to work (where two of my waking-day workmates were) for a very important meeting regarding our software... with the senator. We were in a beautifully high-tech startrek-like office -- it was totally unreal. I got them to fix some minor technical issues with the presentation, and woke up.

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