quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

I should be taking out the recycling

it's been weeks.

dream first.

man, I kept going back to sleep so I could have more of the dream. It's the first dream without lots of fear feelings in a while. Yesterday I had a dream where I lost two of my teeth -- the spin on this was they were vampire teeth. Suck, eh?

interesting elements from today's dream -- driving a caddy up an escalator (half-way up, and then reversing when it ran out of momentum) I think it was about Donovan -- he was at some sort of military training acadamy (you know, the sort that would only exist in a dream). He'd just gotten there and was rambling about all the rules and all the things he was planning to do. we'd just walked away from talking with someone (maybe he was getting his orders, I think so, to do something... like go get his stuff and come back for testing... his stuff was in the barracks... which was on the second story of a HUGE building... and all of the sudden he jumped in a car and drove it up. Damn, I really can't remember anything else. But the car looked almost rendered and the escalator was SO shiny silver... even though they were practically in the desert.... (hardpacked ground, tan/brown/whatnot)... no dust, though.

okay, I really need to take out the recycling. Hopefully it's not too late. It's been almost a month since I managed to. The kitchen overflows with trash to be reborn.

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