quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random


I posted this to a mailing list I'm on a while ago and got not a single comment. Anyone?

This involves physics and biology. Aerodynamics optional, ish.

From how many stories would the average human adult have to plummet (feet
first) in order for them to be moving faster than pain nerve impulses?

Talking about, "I'd rather hit head first so I'd just get the immediate
concussion and not have the nearly-instantaneous pain of my body crushing...
well, gee, I wonder..."

Not taking other falling positions into account because there would be no
point, in this exercise, to slowing your descent... and ... I don't *think*
a cannonball is really faster... ?

Comments? :blinkblinksmile:

Anyone know how fast a pain impulse travels from the foot (heel?) to the ...

Anyone know how tall a typical office building story is? [bonus points for
WTC data]

Anyone know aerodynamic friction constant for a human body, pointwise?

-Kaolin Fire

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