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progress, some...

hitting plateaus with NFG, imaginaries.org, and a minor (seriously needed) fix to poemranker.com

Got to the next plateau with NFG. Staff can vote on and comment on submissions. And see how they're doing and all that. That's good. Realising how much more work I have to do and what an ugly fucking hack the site is going to be by the time I'm done. Ah well.

Just took a peek at poemranker.com for the first time in a while. Figured out one thing that has been pissing me off for a few months -- the main page was taking ~15 seconds to load. And it wasn't nearly as random as it was supposed to be. All it was was one bad SQL call. Gotta love it. Fixed the call (learned more SQL today), and now it's good as new (er, better). :)

made more progress on imaginaries.org, also. was up until 3am doing amy's laundry (because she passed out because she got up at 6am to do SHOPPING, silly critter)... and so I did some bitch work on imaginaries, fixing up bits and pieces that weren't really important. Still a fair amount to do with it, but that's allright. It's looking better.

Other projects? Fractroam. It needs a rewrite and once I do the rewrite the webpage really needs updating. The version on there is a couple of months old, SORELY outdated already but I don't want to put my latest code up because it's quite poorly written -- I was just seeing if I could patch the code in to work, and it did, so now I need to go back and do it right. That'll be my second complete rewrite of the code, version 3.0. Definitely a learning experience.

I think that's about it at the moment. Progress, progress. I'm feeling a bit better today. :)

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