quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

not much of anything

still sick but not unbearably so.

working on writing and working and coding and applying to grad schools and stuff. I think it's time to pay some bills and update my todo list. :)

I've been writing a story to and from work on public transit, when I'm kinda delirious from too much time at the office or from just waking up. I don't know where it's going or what it's doing or whatever, but I know that it sucks in its current incarnation. I have ideas on how to rewrite it but I think I'm going to finish writing it once through at least just to save myself a couple more rewrites... I hope. And I hope I can go back to it and work on it again. Story has a working title of Belief. It started with the world disappearing.

Another story I'm working on is Spirit... I wrote it once and now I'm rewriting it. Haven't really touched it in a bit, but I thought I should mention it to myself. I'm stuck on one part which I glossed over in the first version. I'm going into more detail this time and it's really hard to gloss over now. Grr. Maybe I need to see how to cut back on detail and gloss it again. Ideally I'd figure out the right way for what "happens" to... happen. I need to come up with a (realistic?) way for a character to realize something and come up with ideas for how to play with it. Just finished transcribing it from paper... 3k words, still no direction. But my wrists are kinda getting sore.

The OpenGL coding hasn't happened since that day when I was really into it. Soon again, most likely.

No other c or windoze stuff either, though I did get an email from someone who wanted help with windoze c/c++. DragNDrop stuff that I don't know yet. They haven't replied to my reply.

Looked at grad schools this morning and pondered stuff. I might apply to SFSU for a masters in something just to get my GPA up and to remember what school is like without spending way too much money. Sent them email asking for advice on what to apply for. Copmuter Science (safest, least interesting), Bio, or Bio Lab (most interesting, least likely).

Ummmmmmmmm. I guess that's about it for now.

Anybody know how to view saved replays of team games in starcraft? I can view non-team games, but team games complain that "creator left no slots open" or something like that.

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