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hmm. spaced out. geeked out. way out.

Life has been busy hectic whatever. I've not been keeping up with my obligations and all that. (on the bright side I started using the lj todo list today, for real. it's cool. I think it might be useful. I need to go update it nowish. ;) :)

stuff: hemiversary with amy, gaming, coding, work

Amy and I celebrated our hemiversary on Friday. We both got sick. :( But I took her out to Ti Couz in the city -- she'd never had crepes before and Ti Couz is CLASSY crepes -- she loved them. Then we say Isaac at A Traveling Jewish Theater. It wasn't as stellar as God's Donkey but it was still very good; then there was discussion afterwards that was cool (jewish people talked culture and religion and stuff), which we stayed for though amy kinda nodded through it and didn't catch much if any.

Then we went to her place and kinda passed out for two days. On and off. She did better than I; I'm still sorta fucked (can't breathe flu thing) while I think she's all about better.

Monday Ilya got in touch with me to test out dnd 3rd ed. I'd not heard a good thing about it before, but he bubbled about it a fair amount and so we.... gamed last night. Tried to set up other times but they were complicated. We chargen'd and just started an ad hoc adventure. (the swamp is creeping in. farms and farmers are disappearing; go investigate) -- three first level characters (well, my NPC makes four, though he's mostly for laughs... or something. Charisma 17, Int 4) He's a sorceror... (new 3rd ed thing... like the old-school mage (now termed Wizard), but... can cast more spells per day but can know less spells overall... Amy's playing a fighter, Donovan's a Gnome cleric (he has a lot of fun being a gnome and a cleric... good roleplaying =) and Ilya's getting in to his thief. =) =) Trying to get Brandon to play but he's not responded in a bit.

We're playing again tomorrow night. 3 levels mapped out. A mad wizard, certain death, and all sorts of goodies! =)

I wrote a map generator today. It's kinda cool. Uses a dungeon-hack-esque engine to generate, which is a little funky (doors are 10x10 ft and there are lots of corridors that go nowhere)... but it's cool. I made it output exactly for my engineer's graph paper... same colors, even. yellow background, green lines, dark green lines every five... makes transcribing for the adventure PAINLESS! =)

And then I wrote up a random room generator that uses the 3rd ed tables to determine whether there's a monster, treasure, or items... and what the items are.

Then I went through and mapped all the nifty things out on the map, generated the various monsters, came up with little story plots and integrated the items into the map. there aren't any stairs in the three levels of dungeon! but there's a crevasse that goes through all three (careful climbing!) a pit trap that drops from level one to level three... a chute that slides from level one to level two... and all sorts of goodies! And there's a hellacious ring hiding in there if they can find it.

I also made a fair amount of progress with work today. That made me happy. (Well, no, but once I finished the adventure for tomorrow I was bubbly that I made a fair amount of progress with work. I was really unhappy until I finished preparing the adventure. I tend to stress too much during dming. Hopefully I've put together enough s.t. I won't have any reason to. I do tend to think quickly on my feet -- I just get overwhelmed with stuff sometimes). La la la.

Yeah. I should make more progress with work before I sleep. I wish I could breathe more easily. [cough cough hack]

I'm sure there was more I was going to say.

Donovan's life has been up and down and up and down, but I suppose that's his life and not mine so there's no point in me chronicling it for folks. I mean, sorta, whatever, yeah. He may or may not be staying in the area. Got kicked out of where he was just about to be living (he was there for three or four days) (because he was pagan, gotta love it) -- he might be going back to texas for a while, he might be finding something else. Rafael (my roommate) is getting a bit anxious about him staying so long, which kinda sucks. Really kinda sucks. I feel bad for Raf but Donovan needs the help getting on his feet.


I suck.

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