quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

the week in review

just a couple more days until I'm done with round one of 100poems. I'll do it again sometime (maybe in a couple more months) but I need a break. I think I'm going to be more strict with myself next time -- one poem per day, on the day, as soon as I wake up. I don't have to post that day if computers aren't available but... the only problem with this is the only inspiration I'll be able to use for the poems are half remembered fragments of dreams, if even that...

Amy and I planned a big talk for yesterday and it went rather well. There was much crying and despair but we made it through that tunnel and are trudging onwards. Things may very well work out. =)

UPS inspector came by to look at the broken tv. she seemed pessimistic about it -- packaging wasn't good enough. fuckaduck. fuck fuck fuck. insurance claim went to their insurance folks with the pictures she took and they'll be getting in touch with the person who shipped it. If the claim is good, he'll get the money and then I have to badger him for it. If the claim isn't good, then... I'm screwed out of the $321.

Donovan's moving out yesterday/today/whatnot. He kinda needs help moving his stuff but Amy's schizo about the bridge threats and my license is suspended and my car's not reg'd. Going to try to talk him into going and smogging my car and running it through the rest of the registration process and then buying it off of me for cheap (I'm just sick of having it, I can't use it, I don't want to afford insurance on it, I like my motorcycle... I meant to have the car just for a month or two and then gone, didn't expect all the complications that arose... of course...)

NFG is coming along. Going to propose some submisison guidelines and such shortly, because we need them. La la la.

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