quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

of note -- thebroth


A few things of ultra niftiness, the technical bits of which you can get off of their developer's blog (when it's not being pounded)

My immediate 'sproing' was the idea of offering a free service, letting you brand it, taking my name almost entirely off, but still grabbing the advertising moolah (yeah, yeah, advertising moolah is more of a crapshoot than anything other than actually going out and shooting craps... and perhaps shooting craps is more reliable, who knows?)

And the social dynamics are interesting, especially in that there is no way to communicate _beyond_ the moving of pieces. And who is moving them, apparently, though I missed that functionality -- http://www.thebroth.com/blog/111/the-karma-and-exile-system
Tags: thebroth, web 2.0, writersplanner

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