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writer's planner has timezones

Not that they do any real good for anything at the moment, but since I decided timezones were a blocking issue for "alerts", they got done. This is a bit bass-ackwards, but I eventually started with http://laughingmeme.org/articles/2003/09/25/timezone-selector

That's a bit of perl code that dumps the data from DateTime, DateTime::TimeZone, and/or DateTime::Locale -- into a nice little javascript selector box. I wanted to avoid the javascript so I hacked it to dump the regions/cities into a little php hash of arrays. Now I can play with it at my leisure, but for now it's a single select box with all the combinations. A bit long, but functional. Ideally, I'll add some behaviour tags to make it split the single select into a nifty combo select when javascript is available. Really, really not necessary though.

The DateTime perl module(s) use the near-canonical Olson Database. Of course, using that whole crazy database just to get

This is my timehack. I know my server's Eastern, so that's the way all the data's gone into mysql, and that's how the data comes out. I don't want to go and change the data unless I absolutely have to, so...
well, it's kind of sad, but it appears to work. :)

  function altertz($datetime,$timezone) {
    if (empty($datetime)) return $datetime;
    //we have something that is a datetime "assumed" to be correct,
    //most likely coming from mysql, and we need to nudge it around.

    //first, we set timezone to the 'real' timezone the data was created
    //in.  for writersplanner, that's "eastern"
    $oldtz = getenv("TZ");

    //then, turn our time into a unix stamp
    $time = strtotime($datetime);

    if (!$timezone) { $timezone = "GMT"; }

    $retval= date("Y-m-d H:i:s T",$time);

    return $retval;

Of course, with all this, the only thing that's changed at the moment is ... display of account creation/validation/last login datetimes. But that's proof of concept, right? ;)


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Apr. 24th, 2006 03:04 am (UTC)

Doesn't work in Firefox. Good thing you dumped the javascript ;)
Apr. 24th, 2006 03:10 am (UTC)
Odd; it worked for me. Maybe the stars were just aligned properly. I figure I'll go back and make it nifty ajax at some point. I need to do _something_ in AJAX and I keep putting it off...

Something, something, something. Putting lots of things off, really. :heh:

Time for a nice glass of zin ;)
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