quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

it's 5:30 in the morning


At amy's.

woke up early to work on alethe.net (my home computer), but it's apparently having 75% packet loss. Whafuck!? I kinda hope it's something my roommate did and kinda hope it's not. If it's not then I don't have to have any twangs of upsetness. If it is, then I can probably fix it when I get home. La de da. Ah well. Shouldn't bother getting upset anyway.

I think I'll take a shower and see if time fixes it.

Need to catch up on 100poems.

Donovan's crashing at my place for a week. It's a very different experience from Merlin and Mel except in that again my time mysteriously disappears. Well, it's not so mysterious. Stayed up playing Starcraft a couple of times. :) Also the fact that I formatted my firewall and made it a freebsd box... that took about an hour to do. and then another 9 to figure out natd (I was being obstinate in my misunderstanding) so as to get the internal network running.

Donovan plays Evercrack. That is most definitely an addictive game if I've ever seen one. What's kinda cool is that while watching him I began to visualize all my previous mudding experience... remembering stuff I hadn't thought of in ten years. :)

I'm so behind in all things I'm doing. :(

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